Hire a Local Tampa IT Service Provider for your Business

If you’re starting out your new business or growing out of your DIY technology for your small or medium-size business, you may be wondering whether it makes sense to hire a local Tampa Bay area IT service provider. Even if your small business is bootstrapping your company’s growth, not relying on experts in the IT field to set up a secure network could lead to more expensive issues down the line. Keeping your employees productive and your work-product secure is key to maximizing growth.

Get Help from local experts in IT

A local IT service provider, like mpsWORKS in Tampa, has expertise in IT and can provide remote or on-site support for your company when you need it. Most IT problems can be solved with remote access, and companies like mpsWORKS offer a 24/7 help desk to their full-service clients. It should be noted that, while most IT issues can be solved remotely, many customers will still need occasional in-person support. mpsWORKS can act as your in-house IT staff when a physical hardware issue arises. A Tampa-based IT provider can provide the best service to your small or medium-sized business for your IT needs.

Cost is less expensive than hiring dedicated IT employees

Hiring IT employees to build out and support your company’s IT infrastructure is becoming more difficult and expensive. When you hire an in-house IT employee, you have to factor in the costs of hiring, training, and supporting this employee, which can end up being an unnecessary expense when you have the option to outsource your IT service to a local expert. Many IT service companies like mpsWORKS offer flat-rate pricing that can keep your IT price low and consistent while still offering 24-hour service to keep your business running smoothly. When you consider the total costs of hiring an in-house IT employee compared to outsourcing your IT department, you will find that it is more cost-effective to outsource your IT to the experts.

Use IT as a competitive advantage

Keeping your company’s data and network infrastructure secure is important to your business growth. Many businesses struck with a data intrusion or ransom attack struggle to recover even after paying a ransom. When your network or applications unexpectedly fail or crash, downtime can be expensive and affect your customer perception of your business operations. It is the responsibility of your IT service provider to keep your IT running smoothly, and your provider is incentivized to keep your network healthy and reduce the need for service calls.

Tampa Companies Face Unique Threats

Tampa-based businesses face the unique threat of severe weather, such as hurricanes, which can disrupt business anywhere from a few days to weeks. A Tampa IT service provider like mpsWORKS can help you develop a business continuity plan that can minimize the downtime to your company and employee productivity. Solutions such as a back-up and recovery device (a “BDR”) or switching your entire network to a secure cloud server may be the right choice for your business. When there are power outages and road closures, there are instances where businesses have no choice but for employees to operate remotely in order to continue operations during an unplanned disaster.

Protect your Business from Cyber Crimes with Local IT Provider

Tampa businesses of all sizes have experienced security breaches in the last year. You will want to protect your business from cyber threats including ransomware, malware and phishing breaches. A local IT service provider will consult with you to understand the best way to protect your business through monitoring and employee education on phishing scams.

Local IT Provider for VoIP Phone Systems

The large business phone providers in Tampa such as Frontier are not necessarily the best choice for business phone service. Landline phone service is expensive and using outdated hardware limits the features of business voice. Voice over Internet Protocol, or “VoIP,” phone systems provide inexpensive phone service to your business with hundreds of features that make your employees more productive. mpsWORKS provides local Tampa businesses with affordable VoIP phone systems and offers free feature-rich phones with its contract.

Industries that Benefit from Local IT Service Provider

Local IT providers serve small, medium and large size business because having access to in-person IT service is needed in certain instances. For-profit and non-profit organizations need access to knowledgeable experts to consult with and maintain IT networks to allow these organizations to grow and serve their strategic mission. A local managed service provider can serve as the IT department for small and medium-sized businesses who would rather focus on growing their business with front-line employees instead of hiring and managing back-office technology professionals.

mpsWORKS is a managed IT and print services provider helping small and medium-sized businesses in the Tampa Bay area streamline their back office operations. Local area businesses utilize the mpsWORKS to provide 24/7 managed IT services, cloud services, VoIP telephone services and managed print services. 

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