Business Continuity

Unexpected disasters like fires or catastrophic IT server crashes can happen to any business but Tampa Bay area companies face unique challenges when power outages or flooding affects your company’s access to your data and network. mpsWORKS has solutions to solve a wide range of problems that can affect your company’s business continuity.

Backup & Data Recovery (BDRs)

Backup and Data Recovery solutions, referred to as “BDRs”, are put in place to reduce the costs when there is a permanent loss of data from either fire, catastrophic server crash or Ransonware attack. BDRs are a comprehensive solution that involves data backup but gives a quick and easy solution to get your company back up and running in the Cloud should your business server be compromised by a Ransonware attack or other irreversible crash.

mpsWORKS also has other solutions like VPNs and cloud computing that can solve temporary access issues that are caused by weather events like what Tampa companies faced after Hurricane Irma in 2017. Many companies were unable to access their office location for up to two weeks before, during and after the hurricane.

BDR Diagram

Identify Risks in Your Company

Our skill is identifying the potential risks that are unique to your company and putting together a plan that keeps your most importanta data and functions accessible after a disaster.

mpsWORKS has a comprehensive suite of affordable IT solutions to provide peace of mind that your equipment can be back up and running quickly and that your data is secure and ready to be accessed at all times and from anywhere. Our offerings provide flexibility, performance, scalability and protection, but also keeps things simple and hassle free.

What's your plan?

Has your company developed a plan to use once life and safety are secure in response to a disaster? The first step is to identify key resources and needs to ensure your business will fully recover should the disaster be severe or catastrophic. Here is a sampling of your company’s assets that need to be considered when developing a business continuity plan.


Employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, visitors, etc.


Physical structure, storage unit, warehouse, main office, store front, capital lease, etc.


Computers, software, servers or network, specialty/manufacturing tools, copiers, furniture, etc.


Documents, payroll, files, records, server back-up tapes, etc.


Stock, supplies, new materials, etc.


Any disruption to ops, accounts receivable or payable, payroll, manufacturing, mail room, etc.

Prepare your business continuity plan.

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