Tampa Bay area Employers:
Work safer, faster, and better with mpsWORKS

Cloud computing, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and more for Tampa employers including nonprofit, legal, healthcare, and small business.

Health Care

mpsWORKS is a Certified HIPAA Compliant IT Provider, offering HIPAA compliant consulting services. 

Our solutions for the healthcare industry are unique to each practice. We work with you to determine the solution that works best for your specific needs and budget.


No matter what population a nonprofit is serving, their IT network is usually critical to providing the services for their mission. 

Tampa nonprofits receive high quality IT support with one low monthly rate, which includes our local Help Desk, cloud computing, and Microsoft 365 services.


mpsWORKS’ law firm clients are looking for effective technology that allows them to integrate their legal software applications and effectively manage their client and document workflow. 

We also help law firms with disaster recovery plans, penetration testing, and various auditory compliance tests.

small business

Tampa small business owners need reliable IT support. Every email, call, and attachment received equals exposure to risk.

Local technicians are available to integrate systems anywhere in the greater Tampa Bay area, and enjoy our local IT support.

Access important files anywhere, on any device.

Enterprise level computing at an affordable cost.

Get what works for your business needs.