Tampa Industries

mpsWORKS has been providing Tampa Bay area businesses with printing and IT services since 2007. Our specialty is small and medium-sized (SMB) businesses and have helped companies in numerous industries.

Health Care

mpsWORKS understands the complexity and risks associated with keeping the information secure about your patients’ personal health. We also realize that when your network is down, running your business is difficult and inefficient. mpsWORKS is a Certified HIPAA Compliant IT Provider, offering HIPAA compliant consulting services. Our solutions for the healthcare industry are unique to each practice. We work with you to determine the solution that works best for your specific needs and budget.


Nothing makes us more upset than hearing that a Tampa non-profit was hit with a Ransonware attack that cost them money to get their IT network back up. No matter what population the non-profit is serving, their IT network is usually critical to providing the services for their mission. We believe that non-profits in Tampa should have access to the best IT service and security that for-profit businesses have available to them. Non-profits can budget easier with our flat-rate IT service while still giving them access to our 24/7 help desk. We find many non-profits also do not have the capital to invest in expensive IT hardware and are great candidates for cloud-based IT service.


mpsWORKS’ law firm clients are looking for effective technology that allows them to integrate their legal software applications and effectively manage their client and document workflow. mpsWORKS can help legal firms audit their network vulnerabilities and implement security policies and procedures to prevent possible breaches. We also help law firms with disaster recovery plans, penetration testing, and various auditory compliance tests.

small business

Small business owners have a challenge when making the decision about IT support and maintenance of their information system – should they hire an in-house IT tech or outsource IT support for their business. We would like to make that decision making process simpler and easier by offering a range of IT services that are affordable and help small businesses run efficiently. Small business owners will appreciate the local technicians available to come on-site as well as our 24/7 IT support help desk.

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