VOIP Softphone

mpsWORKS VoIP software is designed to complement your business VoIP service. Every employee has access to answer calls with their computer, transfer or defer calls to other departments, and work faster with better VoIP.

Our VoIP softphone is compatible on any Windows, Mac, iOS or Android platform.

Enable your team to access the office phone system from any computer, anywhere.

  • Great for high travel / remote teams
  • No cost for moving offices / change in personnel
  • Answer and make calls from any device 
  • Keep programs and data secure

mpsWORKS has made it THAT EASY:

  • Install the softphone app and immediately start communicating via voice, video or messaging.
  • NO NEED to manually configure SIP credentials, firewall settings, or codec preferences.
  • mpsWORKS offers free Sennheiser headsets for your staff with a new VoIP contract. Clear the clutter off your desk and remove a physical phone by utilizing the softphone app with a headset, connected to any computer or mobile phone.

Core Features

All mpsWORKS softphones share the same unified User Interface (UI) regardless of platform (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), with a common set of features, allowing employees to seamlessly transition between devices for all their communications needs. 

In addition to standard telephone features such as Call Hold, Call Transfer and Messaging Waiting Indicator, the softphone application supports advanced business features such as Call Monitoring, Call Recording, and Address Book integration.

Other Core Features:
  • Auto Answer / Remote Call Control
  • Microsoft Office integration (allows Windows users to initiate audio, video and messaging sessions from within Microsoft apps such as Outlook)
  • SMS integration (facilitates sending & receiving text messages to/ from mobile networks).

Push notifications

All softphone mobile users are provided with access to Push Notification service, which is critical for reducing battery usage when the softphone app is in the background. The push service ensures that the user is always reachable for incoming calls and messages, over any network, by leveraging Google and Apple’s global Push Notification infrastructure. Furthermore, the mobile softphones include support for active call handoff to/from WiFi and 3G/4G networks.


Many businesses rely on an ad-hoc mix of consumer messaging systems, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WeChat, and Skype, with different apps used depending on the contact. With the mpsWORKS softphone app, every employee automatically appears in a single corporate roster, with full Presence status (including available, busy, on the phone and idle states) and secure 1:1 and group Instant Messaging (IM), synchronized across all of the user’s devices. If an employee starts a messaging session on their iPhone, that same IM session can be continued on their desktop softphone; the employee’s message history is instantly replicated across all their devices.