Is Azure Virtual Desktop a Cost Efficient Solution?

Azure Virtual Desktop, previously “Windows Virtual Desktop”, allows access to business network from any device.

This is the video transcript of Robert Bohacek’s Introduction to Windows Virtual Desktop video that can be found here: Windows Virtual Desktop Introduction – YouTube

I get lots of questions about Windows Virtual Desktop. What is it and how does the cost compare to your business current IT spending?
It’s now been out for a few years and I can see that Microsoft Azure’s Windows Virtual Desktop or WVD, for short, is it cost efficient, productive and secure solution for desktop virtualization.

It’s a fully managed desktop solution in the cloud that is useful for solving various business dilemmas, including security and regulation, elastic workforce, remote employees and specialized workloads.

The great news is that it works with all your apps and devices. Microsoft provides full support for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android so you can access all your apps from any modern device.

So why desktop virtualization? It enables central management and security with less I.T. management overhead. Implementing VDI separates your company, operating systems, data and apps from local hardware.

This separates the business computing environment from the personal environment on your employees devices. Thus, you can reduce the risk of leaving confidential business information on a personal device
as long as the network connection of the personal device is secure.

The business computing environment is well protected. In the past, setting up a desktop virtualization program has been expensive and complex. Many users were often frustrated because they felt there was a lag in accessing their desktop. All of this complexity and latency issues go away with Windows Virtual Desktop.

It’s quick and easy to set up the media environment for your business because the infrastructure is given roles to easily manage to parts like gateway broker load, balancing diagnostics and more.
The virtual desktops have the ability to support modern applications like OneNote and Office 365 and other business applications specific to your company.

Your employees can work from any remote location and to access all of their work files as if they were in the office without any additional setup for users,
there is no compromise for usability compared to what they would have on their office.

Desktop apps look and feel like locally hosted applications. My company MPSWorks can provide Azure Windows Virtual Desktop to small and medium sized businesses in Tampa that are looking for a modern way to support the technology needs of their business.

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