Five Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

The modern workplace in 2022 has ceased being expensive PC’s at every employee’s desk hooked up to a large expensive server in a heavily air-conditioned closet. Modern employees sometimes work from home and have lost their patience with connecting to the office server through a clunky RDP session. Businesses today are searching for secure and flexible ways to allow their employees to work from anywhere through quick access to their desktop and applications.

That’s where Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop can help.

Tampa companies can use managed service providers like mpsWORKS to set up an Azure Virtual Desktop for all your employees that enables them to work from any device as if it’s their PC sitting on their office desk. The Azure Virtual Desktop removes the need for additional business hardware for your employees but still provides nimble and secure access to the company’s data and apps.

Below are five key benefits Azure Virtual Desktop can bring to your Tampa business.

Benefit #1: Enable secure and productive remote work on any device

Azure Virtual Desktop provides full Windows 10 or 11 and Windows Server desktop and application virtualization on any personal device, from any internet-connected location.

Seamless integration with Office 365 Apps for enterprise and Microsoft Teams helps end users be productive with the desktop experience they expect.

Azure Virtual Desktop keeps your applications and data secure and proactively detect threats.

Benefit #2: Reduce Costs by utilizing licensing already being used like Office 365

Use eligible Windows or Office 365 licenses to access Azure Virtual Desktop and pay only for what you use.

Maximize use of your virtual machines through the exclusive Windows 11 multi-session capability, which enables multiple concurrent users.

Virtual machines specifically designed to your company’s size and needs will reduce infrastructure costs. You can increase or decrease the size of the server depending on fluctuations in your needs. No more hardware is needed to be kept safe and cool in your office.

Benefit #3: Protect against outages to stay productive

Tampa companies face unique threats such as storms and power outages that make working away from home a regular occurrence. Give your sales staff and office staff the option to connect from anywhere.

Benefit #4: Simplify IT management

mpsWORKS manages the virtual desktop infrastructure for you, so you can focus on your business, instead of cybersecurity, hardware inventory and maintenance.

Azure Virtual Desktop allows you to quickly and securely get users up and running with limitless scale and full automation that you control based on your business needs.


Benefit #5: Keep application and user data secure

Azure Active Directory makes managing the security access of all your employees (and former employees) simple and quick. Microsoft introduced Active Directory Domain Services in Windows 2000 to give organizations the ability to manage multiple on-premises infrastructure components and systems using a single identity per user.

Reduce vulnerabilities and help keep your virtual desktops secure by leveraging reverse connections and security solutions like Azure Firewall, Azure Sentinel, and Azure Security Center.

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