Cloud Computing

Keep your business safe with cloud computing by having your technology workspace saved and backed up in a remote, secure location.

Choosing cloud computing for your business will allow you to access your critical work files and software at virtually any time and from anywhere. How quickly will your business recover after the next hurricane? Do you need a flexible workplace so employees can work from offsite locations? Are you ready to focus on your real work and not deal with IT security issues?

Benefits to Cloud Computing

Improve your IT network and business functions without having to wait until you can afford new IT equipment.

mpsWORKS offers all our clients 24/7 IT support and a sound business continuity plan that prepares your company for any disaster.

Support multiple satellite offices, mobile workers and field reps.

Get off the continuous technology upgrade “spending treadmill” and reduce your reliance on IT staff or costly IT service calls.

Expand and contract the number of users in your business easily and without having to purchase costly workstations.

No need to replace hardware in your office or buy new server licenses. Easily predict your IT spending instead of large capital expenditures for IT equipment.

It may be time to consider Cloud Computing. Does your company have:

  • Multiple remote sites
  • A virtual workforce
  • Insufficient IT resources or expertise
  • Concern for security or compliance and a need for standardization
  • Downtime issues
  • Desire to move to more collaboration between associates
  • Want to switch from an Ad Hoc IT environment to a more structured IT environment
  • Desire predictability in IT costs
  • Need to have high-speed access to shared files

Why is Cloud Computing Important?

Cloud computing offers businesses a cost-effective IT solution for those who don’t have the resources or money to invest in large, expensive in-house servers. Cloud computing is being adopted quickly into the mainstream as it is continually improving while the cost for cloud computing for small businesses has gone down. Companies who want to simplify their IT infrastructure and billing can still benefit from state-of-the-art servers, applications and security services that are offered through mpsWORKS.

Many companies are moving to the cloud to keep pace with their own growth and provide agility for their workforce. The cloud allows the company to retrieve and access data and software from anywhere and makes file sharing and software upgrades quick and easy. The more flexible, remote workforce can access all business operations and files no matter where they are working.

No more needing to individually install software to each workstation which is often difficult with multiple office locations or remote home office computers. Most employees will only need a thin-client workstation or mobile device that provides the access point to all the business operations that are housed in the cloud.

Stop the Bleeding Now!

Avoid all the extra costs and, hidden fees, and time-consuming management tasks. Eliminate the hassle of buying new servers or workstations that include employee PC’s, upgrading Microsoft licensing, and constantly purchasing other business specific software.

Keep Your Files and Customer Data Safe

Our cloud computing service stores your server information in data centers that are mirror-imaged in two different locations to provide seamless backup and 99.9% uptime for access to your server. No need to worry about the physical security of your server.

Keep Your Current Work Station or Consider “Thin Client” Work Stations

Keep any existing desktops. Alternatively, mpsWORKS can replace your desktops with FREE thin clients (basic Internet access-able computers) to reduce your capital equipment costs, labor and Microsoft licensing.

Allow Employees to Access Your Server Anywhere using Any Device – Safely and Securely

The mpsWORKS Cloud transforms your business into a virtual office enabling your offsite employees to access to their work. The cloud server utilizes the most up-to-date commercial malware and antivirus program so you can feel safe that your employees can access their work product from their own home or mobile devices.

Reduce Your Stress. Know What You’re Getting Into Starting Today!

Who doesn’t prefer FIXED COST? Our mpsWORKS fixed cost program is a monthly fee per user. You can accurately forecast your expenditures from here on out. Start freeing up your time to invest in the work that makes you money – the marketing, business development and servicing of your clients.

Keep your monthly IT costs predictable.

Get a quote today.