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In today’s technology-driven world, cyber threats pose a significant risk to companies of all sizes and industries.

Microsoft Defender AV Solution

Even if you’re a small business you can benefit fom the state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools like Microsoft Defender AV which actively monitors your computer systems in real-time. It scans files and programs as they are accessed or downloaded, looking for any signs of malware. If it detects any malicious activity, it takes immediate action to block or quarantine the threat, preventing it from causing harm.

Microsoft regularly updates the malware database used by Defender AV to stay ahead of emerging threats. These updates include new malware signatures and improved detection techniques. By keeping your Defender AV software up to date, you ensure that it has the latest information to defend against the most recent forms of malware.


learning modules

We can provide a wide range of learning modules that works best for your company’s staff, including video modules, print materials, and interactive learning activities. We are considerate of the fact that your employees are busy so we provide short but concrete learning programs to train your employees to recognize these threats.

Malicious websites & emails identified

Additional features are offer to bolster your small business’s security. These may include web protection, which helps block access to malicious websites and email scanning to identify and block malicious attachments or links in emails.

Simulated phishing attacks to prepare your employees

We offer a managed program that simulates phishing and social engineering attacks so that your company’s employees are conditioned to look for red flags in various modes of communication including email, texts and phone calls. When a weak area is identified in your workforce, such as a subgroup we call “Clickers,” we can address this subgroup with follow up training about a specific issue. The simulated phishing emails are sent to your employees on a regular schedule to continue the training throughout the year. Our goal is to identify and strengthen any areas that might be vulnerable to intrusions and try to avoid costly security errors by your employees.

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