Digital Sign Solutions

mpsWORKS offers Digital Signage Solutions to Tampa companies who are looking to deliver rich media content to their employees, students, customers or patients using attractive digital signs or screens located on premise.

Companies, medical practices and schools use digital signage in multiple ways, whether to improve in-person experiences, sell products or just reinforce their brand.

Digital Signage Solutions offered by mpsWORKS provides our customers with an easy to use Media Content Portal that includes marketing templates, widgets, video player and social media streaming options that gives your company the flexibility to continually update the way you use your digital sign.


Companies with large offices are looking for new ways to connect and inform their own employees and can use a Corporate Digital Sign to display real-time information and events, meeting times, KPI’s (key performance indicators) and other internal communications.

Customer communications

Retail companies and restaurants have many options to enhance their customer experience with a digital sign that advertises specials or provides the daily menu. Content can be scheduled in advance to customize the experience of clients.

waiting rooms

Medical practices can create a better waiting room experience by providing warm, welcoming messages to their patients. Other uses in the waiting room include check-in instructions, anticipated wait times, highlighting of staff or doctors, or other health tips.


Schools can communicate with their students with a sophisticated and interesting way by installing digital signage. Events calendars, news, welcome notices, sports highlights or other announcements can be easily communicated to students through strategically placed digital signs.

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