Is Digital Signage Now Ready for Mainstreet?

These businesses owners wanted sophisticated, interactive digital signage because they wanted a better way to communicate with their customers and engage with in real time. These business owners know what they want but they had no clue how to get started.

Digital Signage Solutions

mpsWORKS offers Tampa businesses an easy and affordable way to reach customers, students or patients with up-to-date messages that enhance the business or experience. Schools are using digital signs to communicate announcements and news. Medical offices are using digital signs to improve the waiting room experience and provide relevant information about medical providers or health tips to their patients. Corporate offices are using digital signage for engaging their employees with critical business information such as tracking key performance indicators or industry-related news. Restaurants are using digital signage to keep their menus fresh with their customers.

Why are digital signs becoming an indispensable tool?

Digital signs attract attention in a way that static signs fail to stand out. The message being delivered can be made easy and quick to read and can be tested by the business as to which message is resonating best. Digital signage instills trust because the business can enhance its brand and message and tells the customer what to expect from this experience.

For businesses that are not in the retail environment, the delivery of information to employees through a digital sign bypasses the noise that is cluttering office workers’ email boxes. Ignoring an email is easy while not reading a sign put directly in your line of sight is nearly impossible. Sharing accomplishments of employees on a digital sign creates a positive work environment that encourages collaboration and support for the business’s mission. Engaged workers are more productive and content in their jobs. Digital signage is flexible and scalable so that any size business can benefit from a digital sign strategy.

Digital communication tools enables organization to deliver real-time information that is easy to control and engages the target visually. Now that the technology makes managing content easy, companies are using multiple signs throughout their organization to deliver the information where they need it. With a comprehensive digital software solution it is simple to include any of the following:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Text
  • Icons
  • Social media fees
  • News
  • Weather
  • Rolling text

Which solution is best for your business?

When companies are considering a digital signage solution, there are technical decisions that need to be made. A company needs to decide whether an on-premise or cloud-based solution best suits their operation. An IT service provider, like mpsWORKS, or another digital signage provider can help solve the systems and data source integrations and automate processes for updating signage. The company will need to decide on which hardware will be utilized to support digital content delivery.  

Content Creation

The content creation function cannot be overlooked because poor content creation or stagnant information delivery will create a disconnect between your goals of engaging your audience and the real impact it is making. Make sure content is time optimized which considers factors such as a person’s average attention span (as little as 8 seconds) or “dwell time” which considers whether your audience is walking by, sitting or standing in a long or short line. Create your content to provide a positive emotional response so that the viewer feels good about their connection with your brand.

Content is usually developed internally by a marketing associate and digital signage software is making content creation easy with attractive templates and interesting content widgets. Content creation can also be outsourced to graphic design or marketing contractors either through a contracted arrangement or freelancing websites such as Upwork.

We’ve Got the Solution for You

Digital signage is no longer priced out of reach of small and medium-sized businesses. It’s also difficult to implement or manage. mpsWORKS provides multiple sign options that will fit your needs and budget.

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