Five Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

Small and medium sized Tampa businesses are looking for ways to modernize the way their employees work and access their business technology.

Is Azure Virtual Desktop a Cost Efficient Solution?

Is Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop or AVD, for short, cost efficient, productive and secure solution for desktop virtualization?

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

man using phone to access server

Microsoft made an announcement in September 2019 about the worldwide launch of its user-friendly Windows Virtual Desktop (“WVD”) which will revolutionize how people access their business data.

Non-Profits Get 10 FREE Microsoft 365 Business Licenses

nonprofit organization microsoft 365 business

Microsoft is continuing to help support nonprofit organizations by offering 10 free Microsoft 365 Business licenses to qualifying organizations.

Should My Business Buy a New Server or Switch to the Cloud?

Cloud Computing

A 2019 Guide to Deciding Which IT Server Options Works Best for Your Business